To access the Boomerang Universe, you must have a login. This is free for students, while companies have to pay for a membership. You get a login as a student through the creation menus.

As a company, you can contact Boomerang for membership.

As a student, you should also book a meeting with Boomerang so we can talk about your interests. Then we can better help you.

Once you have become a member, you have access to company descriptions and anonymised personal profiles, just as you have the opportunity to see what specific opportunities the students are offered by the registered companies and organizations on our Notice Board.

If you as a student find a company profile interesting, then you can contact the company or organization via the listed contact information, or contact Boomerang for guidance.

You also have the opportunity to see the specific collaboration opportunities offered to students on the Notice Board

As a company or organization, you can view the students' profile in anonymized form. You can not contact the students directly, but must seek contact via Boomerang. We do this in order to take care of the students' interests.

As a company or organization, you get your own profile page, where you have the opportunity to tell how the students can collaborate with you. As a company or organization, you also have the opportunity to make specific notices on the Notice Board by contacting Boomerang.

Contact us for a full insight into your opportunities for membership and to get in touch and collaborate with the Greenlandic students at

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